Friday, 26 August 2016

Perfect Pairs Series- first book now 0.99c!

I am thrilled to announce two things today.
no.1- Prowling the Vet- the MFM paranormal novel is 0.99c for one week only!
It is currently no.1 in three categories on amazon and in the top 100 sold books!

Laura is a veterinarian in a country town near the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains. She's intelligent, beautiful, over-sized, and not interested in a relationship with any man. When she literally gets knocked off her feet by a pair of twins, she's horrified to find she can't resist the attraction. 

Brandon and Tyler have been waiting for their perfect mate since they were teenagers. Brandon's buried himself in alcohol and women, but Tyler's so lonely it hurts. When they meet the voluptuous Laura they must pull together to win the heart of their fated mate, and prove why a Perfect Pair of mountain lion shifters are exactly what she needs.

It coincides with my second bit of news, which is that the third and final book came out yesterday!

Shadowing the Teacher:
Two powerful lion shifters. One human female. Sparks are about to fly... 

Kane and Reid thought they found their mate, their wife Amanda, but she died over a year ago. The legends foretold their subsequent demise, and the twins impatiently waited for death. They attend their cousin's wedding as a final goodbye to family, only to meet a woman that alters fate. Samantha is all delicious curves, and she calls forth their lion shifters, forcing them to question if Amanda was indeed their real mate. 

Will Samantha overcome all the obstacles in her way, including a boyfriend that's determined to keep her? And will Kane and Reid give Sam the opportunity to be the one woman they need?