Friday, 20 May 2016

New contemporary by Fiona Miers

In the city of Melbourne, Australia, Emily is working night and day as a solicitor. During the week she is a corporate lawyer, making enough money to pay off her own house, and her mother’s. After spending her whole life under the threat of losing her home and watching her mother survive a broken marriage, she is determined to never be in the same situation. On the weekends she donates her time at a charity- Ellen's House, to help women in need to escape those same situations her mother was once in. She is determined to succeed and has time for only one love in her life, and that's her work. 

Running his own Architecture business, Nathan Johnson lives to succeed. He set up Ellen's House- his charity for women, after his mother dies of abuse at the hands of his father. Determined to never be anything like the man who raised him, he keeps his work at the fore front of his life, and his women as un-important as possible. He may not be able to make up for the sins of the past, but he is determined not to repeat them; and that means never letting his guard down again. 

They're perfectly matched and yet they clash at every turn. A man with so many layers he's not sure which personality is truly his, and a woman who's heart is big enough to love all of him. 

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Re-released! Best selling m/m contemporary stories.

Hi everyone!

I have been incredibly slack in keeping up with my blog- but I am determined to make a change.

One of my beautiful publishers- Steam eReads closed last year and I got my rights straight back- thank you Nicola and all the team there. So good of you- so few publishers have the same integrity.

I reworked the stories and Evernight Publishing agreed to re-publish some of them- Thank you Stacey and everyone who works with Evernight- they are truly AWESOME!

So, here are my reworked Heart's Truth and Blond Truth, renamed and

Needing his Love and Needing a Strong Hand.

Marcus, Danny, Tommy and Ben are BACK! and Better than ever. NEW Happily Ever After attached to Needing a Strong Hand to tie the two stories back together.