Sunday, 1 March 2015

Antho blog hop :)

Welcome to my blog!
I am so super excited to be a part of this Anthology with my story- Real life Role play.

Real Life Role play is a short story about two men, (obviously.) Tayte and Lachlan. A cop and his gorgeous younger boyfriend.

The description in a 5 star review on Amazon captured the essence of the story perfectly
"In Real Life Role Play, Lachlan and Tayte deepen their connection and extinguish lingering doubts after having moved in with each other. Great story of a committed couple moving forward past a hump."

Lachlan- 22 year old student. Gorgeous, loving young man who just wants his hot cop boyfriend to love him... and of course, fuck him good.
Tayte- is a hot, older guy who is struggling with his new live-in boyfriend responsibilities and his work. This is the pic that inspired the story- which soon leads to shower sex and a Dom scene that was super fun to write!

Here's a short little excerpt (R rated) for you guys to enjoy:

“Yes, I need you to punish me.”
Tayte laughed, the sound deep and throaty. “It's not about what you need, baby. It’s about the law you broke. You deserve to be punished, and I’m judge, jury, and executioner in this household.” He paused for a moment as the words sank in slowly.
Oh, I am so getting fucked again.
“Get on your back and stretch your arms above your head.”
Lachlan felt a stupid smile spread over his face, grateful as he lay down that Tayte couldn’t see it as he moved about the room.
The pale blue sheets were cool under his warm back, and he lifted his arms up slowly, waiting for the next command from his super hot cop boyfriend.
“Grab onto the rails.”
Lachlan wrapped his fingers around the metal rods of their bed head and gripped the steel posts, his muscles trembling with excitement.
The mattress gave way beside him as Tayte knelt on the bed and reached over him.
“I’m going to cuff you to this bed and fuck the shit out of you until you learn that the laws of this house are never to be broken.”
Lachlan shuddered with arousal as his lover reached above him. He felt the cold metal slide around his wrists, a distinctive click and then another as the handcuffs closed around his flesh. A moan escaped his throat, and blood rushed south once again, his cock stirring against his stomach.
“Number one, you never masturbate without your lover present. Number two, you do exactly what your cop boyfriend says.”
Excited to play along, Lachlan struggled a little beneath him. “No, Sir, please, you don’t need to handcuff me. I'll do whatever you want.”
Tayte looked down at him, his eyes wide and a little startled. Was his lover scared that he didn’t actually want this? Nothing could be further from the truth! Lachlan willed Tayte to understand and twisted his body, thrusting his hips up so Tayte would see the jutting of his semi-erect cock.
Tayte’s eyes strayed in that direction, a smile appearing on his full lips as his shoulders relaxed. “Oh, I think you'll do exactly as I tell you. I’m the officer in charge here.”
Tayte swung his huge thigh over Lachlan's chest and thrust his pelvis forward.
“Suck my cock.” Tayte grabbed his thick shaft in one large hand and directed it towards Lachlan's waiting mouth. He didn't need the help really. He’d know this guy’s dick by taste or sight anywhere. It was magnificent. Big, long, thick and red, it wept pre-cum, and after being denied so long, Lachlan didn’t blame it for being eager.
Lachlan opened his mouth and lifted his head to accept Tayte’s cock as it slid into his mouth. The salty explosion burst over his tongue, and he moaned and sucked hard to get more.
“Good boy,” Tayte sighed as he slid his fingers into Lachlan's hair and began to fuck his mouth.
The hot, hard flesh, the smell and taste of Tayte’s skin, heightened his senses to the point where he knew he’d lose control again soon. Lachlan's body throbbed with arousal as Tayte arched his back and gasped, the sounds throaty and hot.

I hope you enjoyed visiting here with us today!

Bio:Tamsin Baker read sexy romance for years, skipping the story to find the 'good bits'. 
When she found Erotic romance and Erotica, it was like coming home to people who understood. 
When it was time to write, the world expanded and she knew this was what she wanted to do forever.
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