Thursday, 14 November 2013

Gorgeous new story by Jenny Lyn

Bond Mason’s roots run deep in the backwoods hamlet of Trespass, Florida. Nestled against the banks of the Suwannee River, the only home she’s ever known holds bittersweet memories of a family long gone. Except one of her ghosts isn’t dead and possessive ex-lover James Kyle wants her back.
U.S. Deputy Marshal Nathan Gates sights are set on capturing fugitive Robert Kyle. Wanted for the cold-blooded murder of a DEA agent, Robert is suspected of being hidden away with his moonshine-brewing, marijuana-growing family of fellow lawbreakers, one of which is his brother, James.
Nathan expected high temperatures when he arrived in Trespass. What he hadn’t counted on is his searing attraction to southern beauty Bond Mason. She winds him around her finger like a tendril of Spanish moss, but his lawman’s intuition tells him she’s hiding secrets too. When he finally convinces her to talk, he’s not prepared for the dark truths she reveals about her hometown.
The Suwannee is deep, but Trespass’s sins run much deeper. For once, Nathan might be in over his head.
Book Cover:

Excerpt (Rated R):
Bond rolled to her knees, still smiling, as she untied the sash to her robe. She let it fall open but didn’t shrug it off her shoulders. It parted in slow motion a few inches then stopped, revealing a swath of golden skin down the center of her body, the inviting valley between her breasts and the small patch of dark trimmed curls at the apex of her toned thighs. Nathan stood motionless, taking her in as he tried to decide what he wanted to set his mouth to first.
“Nathan.” Her fingers nervously toyed with the robe’s sash. He gradually raised his gaze to hers, tearing it away from the temptation of her body. “I have a small confession to make.”
His interest was piqued. “I’m listening.”
Color flooded her cheeks. He put one knee on the mattress and kissed her jaw reassuringly. She braced her hands on his biceps, the heat of a sigh warming his ear. “Last night when you were kind of … bossy … I liked it … a lot.”
He grinned. That was some admission. His single-minded cock wholeheartedly approved. It was so hard it threatened to bust through the teeth of his zipper. “You like me telling you what to do, huh?”
She nodded. Her fingers caught the hem of his t-shirt, stripping it over his head. “I like it when you talk.”
“Last night you said I talked too much.”
“I can’t be held accountable for the things I say during incredible sex. I want you to talk.”
Incredible sex. No argument there, it had been. Tonight was going to top that.
The robe slipped off one shoulder exposing her right breast, an enticement impossible to resist. Nathan ducked his head and made a lazy circle around her nipple with the tip of his tongue. It tightened to a stiff peak. He felt her fingers slide through his hair, heard the tiny moan she made in her throat. “Dirty?” he asked against her skin.
“Anything. I want to listen, not think. I like your voice, but if you were saying naughty things it would be even better.”
He chuckled as he eased off the bed. Bond sat back on her heels, resting her hands on her thighs expectantly. “Take your hair down.”
She released the clip, allowing the dark mass to tumble free. When she shook her head, damp curls slid over her shoulders. Nathan reached out and wound a long lock around his fingers, tugging gently. “You’re stunning.” More color flooded her cheeks and neck. Her bottom lip slipped between her teeth. “Come closer.”
Rising to her knees, she scooted to the edge of the bed, pressing her chest to his. Nathan caught the lapels of her robe in his fists and pulled it down her arms, trapping them at her sides. He buried his face in her neck, trailing kisses across the tender, fragrant skin. Her scent made him drunk with desire, crazy with need. Never had he been so affected by a woman as he was by Bond. She was like some illicit drug, and he’d become a hopeless addict with one sample.

Author Bio:
I started reading when I was four, thanks to a babysitter who found out the only way to get me to sit still was to put a book in my hand. By the time I entered kindergarten, I’d blown through just about every Little Golden Book ever printed. Ten years later, much to my mother’s dismay, I found her stash of paperback romance novels. She tried to divert me back to something more chaste by buying me Harlequins, but I still snuck copies of her Kathleen Woodiwiss’s and Johanna Lindsey’s when she wasn’t looking. Shanna, The Flame and the Flower, and Fires of Winter will always hold special places in my heart because they introduced me to roguish heroes, headstrong heroines, and the trouble they could get into together.
I live in a swampy little corner of north-central Florida with my family, both the two-legged and four-legged variety. I love to read, run hot and cold in regards to cooking, and I never miss an episode of Justified, Longmire, or Dexter. I guess I like justice in all its various forms.

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Sunday, 3 November 2013

HC Brown has a new release!!!

One Delicious Man or Two?

 By H.C. Brown

M/M, M/M/M, Erotic Romance, fantasy/shifters


Zor, a Fae male has spent some time observing Landon a deliciously handsome bad boy. He is convinced he is a shifter from a future race known as the Ecatnie. Zor is attracted to the human and decides to discover if his assumptions are correct.
After making contact, he convinces Landon to leave his home, FB and TV and follow him into Other World with the promise of magic and free love. In this new dimension, Landon is impatient, he wants Zor with a passion but Zor is holding out, not wanting to make a mistake and have his heart broken.

Darkwing’s wet lips demanded, savaging Landon’s mouth in a frenzied desire. Water tumbled over their bodies, filling Landon’s mouth with each gasped breath. Darkwing fisted one large hand in Landon’s hair, pulling back his head, his voice a harsh whisper.
“I truly care for you but if you want this, I demand complete surrender. You do exactly what I say. Do you agree?”
Landon looked into eyes as black as night. He trembled. “Yes.”
A few moments later, heart pounding, he followed Darkwing from the shower and dried himself. Inside the Fae’s bedroom, he took the offered goblet of potion.
 “Lie down on a bench.” Darkwing pressed a hot kiss to his lips. “You deserve two males tonight.”
Landon’s heart pounded against his ribcage. “Who will be joining us?”
“I only share with Tarric. We work well together. Others may lose control and spoil the pleasure. Before I summon him, I’ll need to prepare you.” Darkwing lifted a jar of cream from a shelf and opened the lid. He turned back to the shelf and selected a large, thick phallus. “Don’t look so worried, I’m good at this. Finish your drink.”
Landon drank the potion. He relaxed and dissolved into the heady sensation. Darkwing dropped his large body onto a chair and bent forward to lick the top of Landon’s shaft. Flames of delight roared up his length. He moaned immersed in the heat of Darkwing’s hot, wet mouth. The Fae growled deep in his chest then lifted his head and cool air hit Landon’s throbbing flesh. Cool lube hit his hole.
“Lift up your knees and push the cream into your ass, nice and slow.”  Darkwing stood then moved to straddle the bench. “You look so delicious naked and hard.”
Landon complied, circling his hole and dipping inside. The aphrodisiac cream heated and sizzled along his nerve endings. Waves of bliss curling around his balls.  Darkwing’s warm fingers pushed his hand aside and the hard tip of the phallus pressed against his passage.  He gasped. The cool hardness moved inside, stretching and filling him.
 “I want your ass nice and relaxed.”  Darkwing pressed a line of kisses along Landon’s thigh.
Moaning at the intrusion, Landon drew in deep breaths and forced his muscles to relax. The cool rod sunk deep in his ass scraping across his pleasure spot.  “It feels good.”
“Get on your knees for me and crawl to the end of the bench.”  Darkwing thrust the phallus deeper.
Landon struggled to his knees. He trembled. Flames of lust licked his balls. Darkwing moved in front of him and brushed the head of his massive cock across his mouth. Landon licked his lips and the Fae’s unique flavor hummed through him. He opened his mouth to savor the Fae’s taste. So big, so full, Darkwing’s delicious cock slid across his tongue. Landon sucked and nibbled, encouraging him to spill. He wanted to drink every drop of his release.
Warm hands moved up his legs, wet kisses pressed on his ass cheeks. He heard Darkwing chuckle.
“Isn’t he delicious?” Darkwing rocked his hips pushing his cock deeper into Landon’s mouth.
The phallus moved in long, devastating strokes and a voice came from behind him. Landon moaned a greeting, and rocked into the rhythm.

“Yes and well primed. Hello Landon, I’m Tarric. I’m Darkwing’s partner. Are you our new pet? Will you purr when I take you?”


Saturday, 2 November 2013

New Release- contemporary M/M!!!

Dylan is living his dream: fighting fires and saving lives. Bruised ribs call for a doctor visit and he meets Zach. The sexy ER surgeon tempts Dylan, with more than the casual one night stands he usually indulges in. However Zach’s life means long hours and pressure. He’s left wondering if he can cope.

Zach meets the gorgeous young Dylan, who is the answer to his silent prayers. The hardworking Firey is beautiful, smart and funny. What more could he ask for?

But these two shift-workers have no relationship experience. Will their lives get in the way of their new love or could their incredible passion conquer all?

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Friday, 1 November 2013

New Release!

This new release is very special to me.
This is the first ever erotic romance I ever wrote- last November.
It is completely out of the box- being a historical Regency story with a Female Domme.
But it's not classic BDSM of course- its 200 years ago- but I still worked closely with several people who know the Lifestyle well, to get the motives and feelings right.
Here's the cover and the blurb! Super excited!
A widow who likes to control. An earl with no time for innocence. A relationship bound by dark needs and subversive desires set in the glittering world of Regency England.

Lord Gareth Osborne is a wealthy earl in need of a wife, but the insipid debutantes he encounters do not fulfil the darkest fantasies of his soul. He fears that it will be impossible to find a woman who will satisfy his needs and make a suitable companion, until he meets the sensual, self-assured Eleanor.

Lady Eleanor Rossette is newly widowed, though not unhappily so. Her marriage put her into the hands of an abusive, controlling man, and Eleanor knows she will never surrender her control again. She yearns for a strong, passionate man who will yield to her in the bedroom, and she wants that man to be Lord Osborne…

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