Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Fighting Destiny is out! Yay!!

This is my first attempt at a shifter book
It is MMF menage of course :)

Jeremy left his small hometown ten years ago determined to get away from the female child who is his predestined mate.
  But Natalia, a rare tiger shifter, has been kidnapped and Jeremy chooses to return to help the land shifter pack find her.
  What he doesn't expect when he returns home, is his attraction to Natalia's boyfriend Tommy and the fact that his tiger mate is still unclaimed.
  Jeremy finds himself falling in love with both Tommy and Natalia, yet the rival shifters of the sky seem determined to rip them from him.

Monday, 29 July 2013

New m/m Evernight Author! Looks scrumptious

Hi TC, thank you for visiting the blog.

Hi and thank you so much for having me! 

Tell me why, of all the genres out there, that you write my favorite- m/m.

I don't really have a reason on why I write m/m other than I think its hot and I believe love knows no form. 

Sounds like a good enough reason to me.

Shadows of Light is on Evernight Publishing's coming soon page with the release date set to July 29th. Be sure to drop by and pick up a copy! I hope you enjoy my first baby released out into the world. I am so happy and excited to share a little bit of my crazy thoughts with you.


Matthew Rose is a reclusive psychic on the run from a mad psychologist. Held captive and exploited as a child because of his ability to connect minds with serial killers, all Matt wants now is to be free of his visions. His desire for peace is shattered when he sees the woman from his most recent vision lying in a pool of blood.

Adam Rivers, the homicide detective assigned to the murdered woman’s case, quickly realizes Matt is more than a witness. Adam fights his attraction to Matt because he doesn’t see himself as gay.

As the murders mount, Matt and Adam work together to defeat the killer—unaware that the mad psychologist from Matt’s past has returned and is determined to reclaim his prize. Can Adam keep Matt safe from the danger that surrounds him or will he lose the man he is just now realizing he loves?

 Here's a little teaser to perk your interest, LOL.

Happy reading,


Shadows of Light


Adam walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He’d obviously just gotten out of the shower because his skin glistened.
I watched, mesmerized as a water droplet began its slow, delicious descent from his neck, to his surprisingly hairless chest, past the fresh bandage a nurse had just applied before leaving the room, and down his very sexy six-pack, to the intriguing treasure trail to disappear into the towel.
I licked dry lips, vaguely aware of the increase in my heart rate and choppy breathing. The only thing I could think of was following the trail of the water droplet.
Oh my, I breathed.
Adam’s towel began to tent as I watched. Drawn like a bee to honey, I was halfway to Adam before I became aware of it. I stopped in front of him, nervous, and reached out a hand laying my palm on his chest. My heart was pounding as I touched an erect, brown nipple.
Adam groaned and grabbed my wrist. I looked up at him, dazed. His lips moved but I was beyond hearing.
Must taste. The urge obliterated everything else.
I stood on tiptoe, grabbed a handful of his dark hair, and yanked his mouth to mine. Delighted moans filled the silent room. Adam wrapped an arm around my waist and yanked me into all that hard male strength. My knees buckled and my erection stretched within the confines of my jeans.
Adam licked into my open mouth, his tongue chasing and dominating mine. I shuddered at the heat smoldering inside me. Pleasure flowed, heightening sensitive nerve endings. I pressed further into Adam, trying to get as close as possible. His hands journeyed from my hips to my bottom, kneading.
Oh god!
It was the hottest thing I had ever felt. A whimper escaped and I felt Adam’s groan vibrate in his chest. Pre-cum leaked from my cock. I rubbed it against his stomach to help alleviate the pain. I’d never been so turned on in my life and it was exhilarating. I felt as if I was flying and free-falling simultaneously through a pit of molten lava.
Adam twined his tongue around mine, trapping it. His tongue tasted every crevice in my mouth, leaving no part unattended. His kiss left me feeling ravished and the feeling became addictive.
I broke our kiss to gulp fresh air. Adam rumbled his protest and one of his hands left my butt to grab a handful of my hair and jerked me back to his lips. I had never felt so needed before in my life and I melted into the kiss, my surrender complete. Adam snarled his approval and tightened his grip. He staggered us to the bed. I felt him wince and pulled back from our kiss.
“Maybe we should—” I began before Adam claimed my lips again.
I looked down as he laid me on the bed. Oh wow! Adam’s towel had slid to the floor and he was enormous. His cock had to be at least eight and a half inches long and he was thick. The mushroom-shaped tip was an angry red, pointing straight toward me as if in silent accusation.
Fear shot through me and I scrambled backward on the bed. What the heck do you think you’re going to do with that thing? I shouted at him through our bond. There was no way I was letting him get within six feet of me with that monster leering at me.
Adam laughed and grabbed my ankles to keep me from kicking him. He dragged me toward him spreading my thighs so he stood between my splayed legs. He leaned down and nuzzled my neck before placing a soft kiss there. Despite my fear, I shivered in reaction.
Is this your first time, baby? he whispered, using our bond. Goose bumps pebbled my skin. His voice was just so…sexy and using telepathy heightened its appeal.
I grabbed a handful of his hair and buried my face in his neck. Shyness had overcome me and I found it difficult to meet his gaze. My gift and the threat of Dr. Johannasan wouldn’t let me get close to anyone. Plus I didn’t trust anyone enough to try.
Adam lifted his head and the fierce possessiveness seared me in place. Good, he growled. Adam lowered his head to kiss me again.
Buy Links:
Evernight or Amazon

Author Bio

I write erotic fiction which usually has a paranormal twist. I am a firm believer in happily ever after, so though I may torture my characters upon occasion, they will always get their HEA. I live in the southeastern region and can usually be found sipping a cup of white chocolate mocha.

I can be found at www.tccollins283.blogspot.com
Follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/avidreader_01
Check me out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Collins283

Sunday, 28 July 2013


Unfortunately Book Strand's page no longer looks like this, but I had to share it with you.
Last week, I got on the Book Strand site, looked up Regency best sellers and look at what the screen showed me :)

pretty cool huh?

Another pretty cool sight is how well Heart's truth is doing on Amazon.
I've never had a book get ranked under 10K before and most of them are in the 100,000's now.
But look at this

I am beyond rapt, feeling overwhelmed and grateful, it's an awesome feeling to know that people are liking what I am writing.
Not everyone of course, I've had some pretty nasty comments on Good Reads lately, but I'm working on focusing on the good ones! :)

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Fighting Destiny Excerpt: MMF paranomal

My first paranormal shifter story comes out on the 31st of July 2013
Fighting Destiny: 1st book in The shifters of the land, air and sea.
MMF ménage, contemporary, shifter, erotic romance.
Here's a little look see!
Natalia raised her heavy head. She had a metal collar around her neck that was so tight she didn’t dare attempt to shift. They had tied her to two trees about six foot apart. The collar, her arms and her legs, all tied to the trees. Her arms and legs were spread, and she was completely helpless. She was also exhausted. She had been in this position for almost two days.
Her arms ached, and her legs burned. What made it worse was the fact she didn’t know why she was being punished. They had told her nothing except that she would stand trial for her crime the next day.  
Yes, she had run too far into the bird shifter’s lands, but why were they holding her for it? It wasn’t a true crime, and the question was, what did they want from her?
She caught a whiff of a land shifter and took a deeper breath, a familiar scent making her moan in relief. Tommy. Oh, thank God. He’s found me.
A small fox was sniffing around her, and even in her tired state she recognized his scent.
“Bobby...” she whispered, fear catching in her throat. The bird men would be around, and they could hurt the lovely boy trying to help her.
One of the larger men had given her a long shirt that almost decently covered her, but other than that privilege, she had been tied up and starved. It had been the worst two days of her life.
A naked man appeared at her feet, and Natalia closed her eyes. That was the one thing she found hard to handle about being a shifter, the lack and loss of clothes.
A wolf’s howl broke the silence around them, then again and again. Tommy.
“They’re coming.” Bobby whispered.
A loud squawk rent the air, and Bobby began to frantically unclip her ankles. The bird shifters had heard, and they were coming for her again.
“Hurry, Bobby, please.” Natalia began to sob.
She was truly scared now. She didn’t know what these men wanted, and she certainly didn’t want an all-out war between their two groups.
A growl ripped through the air, and Natalia shivered. A tiger. There were only two in their pack. Jeremy’s parents, but they were old.
It couldn’t be him … could it? He had been missing for ten years.
A tiger landed on the dirt in front of her, and beside him came Tommy in his wolf form. The tiger was magnificent, strong, huge, and clearly in his prime. Jeremy.

Friday, 26 July 2013

New contract!!!

I was going to bed last night for an early night and was just closing down my computer.
Checked my emails once more as i always do, and what was there?
An acceptance of 'Too Busy for Love' by Kate Cuthbert, the head editor at Escape Publishing!
So i will have another m/m contemporary out there in the world, in 6 months or so!
Here's an short excerpt to share :)

“Have a good day, sir.”
Thomas nodded at his butler as he headed out the door of his early Victorian mansion, the home he had bought himself after he had made his first million. He headed down the stairs to his waiting prestige car and smiled to himself. At thirty-one he was on Forbes top fifty richest bachelors under forty. He intended to be in the top ten next year and he always achieved his goals.
He put his hand out for the door handle, his planned speech for his nine a.m. meeting rolling through his head. He owned a merger and acquisitions company and he wanted the huge business he had spent the last year acquiring.
An action to the right of the front garden caught his eye and he looked up. Oh no, not the roses!
“What the fuck are you doing?” he screamed and charged across the gardens before he had consciously decided to move.
He walked up behind the gardener and repeated the question.
“What the fuck do you think you are doing to my mother’s favourite roses?”
The gardener turned around with a frown on his handsome, young face and Thomas was levelled by the prettiest blue eyes he had ever seen.
“I’m pruning them, sir. It’s time.”
The young man lifted his hand and ran it through his short blond hair. Despite the baggy white t-shirt and ugly overalls, Thomas saw the fit, muscular body and clenched his teeth against the wave of lust that assailed him.
Fuck, it’s been too long. I’m getting a hard-on over the servants.
“My mother is visiting next week and will have my head if those roses are anything but blooming.”
Thomas shuddered as he looked at the pruning shears and the roses that were already on the ground. His mother had raised him, alone and with a daily dose of guilt added to his porridge. He had spent his life trying to make it up to her and that included pandering to her picky tastes.
The young man he was glaring at gave him a lop-sided smile as he looked down at the discarded roses.
“So, you’d like me to make them look pretty for another week and then I can prune them?”
The new gardener looked up at him and smiled again.
Thomas fell back, the squeeze on his chest robbing him of breath. This man was remarkably beautiful.
“Yes, I would. Thank you... ah..”
“Luke.” The blue eyed hunk smiled at him once again.
Thomas tugged on his expensive jacket and nodded his head in the most formal way possible.
“Thank you, Luke.”
He forced himself to spin and walk away, the gravel crunching beneath his Italian leather shoes. Every word he had planned for his meeting had flown right out of his head.
Thomas opened the door and swung into the car that drove him everywhere.
“To the office Jimmy.”
His driver nodded and they moved forward. Thomas couldn’t stop himself from looking out the window once again and have a good long look at Luke’s tight round arse as he bent over to pick up the discarded roses.
“Damn...” he said beneath his breath.
He had been so busy lately, he couldn’t remember the last fuck he’d had. Oh, yes he could, Paris, three weeks ago. But it had been brief and impersonal as all of his affaires were.
No matter, he didn’t have the time or inclination for more until he had reached all of his goals. He wasn’t where he needed to be yet, no matter what delicious morsel of a man literally fell onto his path.
He opened his small laptop and began to check his email. His work was the most important thing in his life. No time to be distracted now.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cover Reveal!

This is for my new shifter book due out on the 31st of July
MMF Paranormal/shifter.
Jeremy left his small hometown ten years ago determined to get away from the female child who is his predestined mate.
  But Natalia, a rare tiger shifter, has been kidnapped and Jeremy chooses to return to help the land shifter pack find her.
  What he doesn't expect when he returns home, is his attraction to Natalia's boyfriend Tommy and the fact that his tiger mate is still unclaimed.
  Jeremy finds himself falling in love with both Tommy and Natalia, yet the rival shifters of the sky seem determined to rip them from him.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Awesome review for Heart's Truth

4 Hearts

Review written for MM Good Book Reviews

Marcus turns up to his friend Sienna’s party sure he will be the only gay person there, but he gets a nice surprise when he spots a gorgeous young man who pings his gaydar. Discovering the young man, Danny, is Sienna’s brother puts him on guard, but he can’t resist the temptation to discover if the attraction is mutual. Danny hasn’t had any satisfaction in his sexual experience and he has tried hard to find it. Discovering he is more attracted to men has him nervous, he has no way to discover if he really does want a man, until he meets Marcus and they begin a secret relationship. But, Marcus is an out and proud gay man and Danny is deep in the closet, can they really make a relationship work when it is carried out in the shadows?

This is a great story of a young man finding the courage to face his family and admit the truth to them, even knowing they might turn their backs on him. Marcus discovers something special in Danny, something he recognises after just one night together, and although Danny feels the same way, Marcus knows that Danny is scared of his family’s reaction. Marcus can only hope that Danny loves him enough to come out of the closet. Danny knows he is lucky to have met and fallen in love with Marcus and although he adores Marcus he fears his family’s reaction to his being gay, unfortunately Sienna sees something she wasn’t supposed to and Danny now has a choice to make.

I really enjoyed this story with a slightly older man guiding a younger man into the joys of gay sex and love. Both characters are wonderful with Marcus at times being a bit cocky and overpowering, and Danny at time naïve, scared but willing to learn. Marcus has already ‘been there, done that’ with his coming out and estrangement from his family, so he is patient with Danny as the younger man finds his footing. Danny already knows how his parents will react and dreads telling them and you really do understand why when you do finally see their reaction. Sienna was kinda two faced with her reaction to Danny, it was okay for her friends to be gay but not her brother.

We do see some really good bits in Danny and Marcus’ relationship and we see how easily they mesh together, we see how quickly they support each other and you just know that they are a perfect match. They are also explosive in their attraction and are extremely hot even when they are fully clothed, damn they make a hot grope at the side of the house steamy.

I recommend this to those that love coming out and first time love stories, great characters who only want love, difficult decisions, hot sex and a great reconciliation ending.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Good review for Timing is Everything!


This story was a short, but fun read. It was fun to watch Angie and Mark together and see how they work around each other. The sex scenes in the book were fantastic and had me on the edge of the
seat and fanning myself. The pace seemed a little slow. I immediately fell in love with the characters and couldn't wait for them to get together. If you like BDSM books, this is a sweet story to read to get you in the mood!

Monday, 22 July 2013

new m/m excerpt:

I have just started 'Blond Truth' the sequel to Heart's Truth.
It is the story about Tommy, Marcus's best friend and 'Big Bear Ben.'
It has a bit of D/s stuff showing up which I didn't plan on, but it's fun to write.
Here's something I wrote this morning, unedited of course :)

Ben watched the gorgeous blond across the table, wondering if he really was as flighty as he seemed. He was dressed to impress and had taken great care with his hair and skin. He may be vain, but he looked fucking delicious.

Tommy bounced on is seat. "So, Marcus, have you planned where you’re travelling in Europe yet?"
Danny groaned and rolled his eyes and Marcus grinned. "Yeah, well you lost the bet, so you're coming."

Tommy ruffled Marcus's hair in an affectionate way, "If Danny won’t come, I will."

Ben wanted to laugh at the outrageousness of this guy but Danny wasn’t pleased.
 His hostility was rolling off him and his back was so ram rod straight it looked like he had a poker up his arse. He looked over at Ben to explain. "Marcus wants to show me Europe, but I don’t want to go if he’s going to pay for everything."

Again Tommy laughed jovially and caressed Marcus's shoulder. Ben watched the action unfolding and could literally feel Danny’s annoyance, and to be honest, it was getting annoying. Marcus was Danny’s boyfriend and Tommy really had no right touching Marcus in that way. Danny was a good kid, and he wasn’t going to do anything about it.
Marcus swatted him away but Tommy just laughed and Ben decided that if he did it again, he would do something about it. For Danny’s sake mostly, though the idea of getting his hands on that lush piece of arse, was pretty much a good incentive all on its own.

"If you can’t go Danny, I will. I don’t have money hang ups." 
Tommy lifted his hand once again and Ben’s control snapped. He grabbed Tommy’s bar stool and pulled it over so that it was touching his. Almost throwing Tommy off in the process.
"Hey!" Tommy glared at him, his blue eyes flashing. 
Ben put his lips to Tommy’s ear and growled, “If you want to grope someone so badly you can touch me beautiful boy, but leave Danny’s boyfriend alone.”
Tommy gasped and shivered a little, the movement making Ben instinctively reach up and run a reassuring hand over the man’s back. Had he just called Tommy beautiful boy? Of fuck, the Dom in him had come out. It usually took months of sex with a man to get even the smallest bit of that side of him to surface. Three minutes? No way.
Tommy elbowed him gently and ignored the words, but he swayed closer as Ben continued to rub the man’s muscled back.
“So, what was the bet?” Ben forced himself to ask as Marcus and Danny stared at him with wide, disbelieving eyes.
“Uh.. Marcus took me out for dinner about 6 months ago and told me that I would get an average of a distinction for my graduation. If I did then I had to go to Europe with him.”
Ben nodded and tried hard to concentrate on the conversation, rather than the way his cock was aching. It had lengthened and was pressing against the fly in his jeans.
“Awesome. Well, book it now for 3 months time, save your salary and go. You’ll have more than enough.”
Danny bit his lip and looked at Marcus, who had now lit up like a Christmas tree. “Yeah, I suppose.”
Ben smiled and slowly retracted his hand from Tommy’s spine. “if you guys are in it forever, then you don’t need to worry. The way I see it, pride should never get in the way of being together. If Marcus can afford it now, let him pay. Then wait another year, and take him then.”
Ben stared at his friend and employee. He knew how in love Danny was, he just needed encouraging occasionally.
“You’re right.” Danny brightened visibly and planted a kiss on Marcus. “Hang on, what about work, I haven’t accrued any leave.”
Ben waved his hand. “You’ll have two weeks by then, and I’ll talk to your boss.” He winked at Danny and he brightened even more.
“Thanks Ben.”
Tommy swiveled in his chair and glared at Ben, the movement weird and unexpected. “And who are you that can guarantee something like that?”
Ben smiled calmly and looked back at Danny. “Because Ben’s my boss. Well, he’s the boss actually.”
He flashed Danny a look, that wasn’t public knowledge. “Danny.”
Danny flushed and smiled. “Sorry, I just think it’s so cool.”
Ben rolled his eyes and moved back in his chair.
Marcus sat forward, “Hang on, Ben, as in Ben Shorts? Owner of Shorts Engineering?”
Ben squirmed in his chair. He didn’t really like this attention. That’s why he paid people to run his company. “Well, yeah, but I just like the structural engineering side of things.”

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Naughty Fairy Tale any one???

Silke’s life in her village has not been easy since the death of her parents.  Things only get worse when the local healer takes her under her wing.  Branded a witch and tormented by the other villagers, Silke has resigned herself to living her life alone. 
Then a chance encounter in the woods with a dark and handsome stranger named Raoul throws Silke’s carefully ordered life off balance.  Now she has to deal with the stormy emotions that Raoul brings to life within her as she works at solving the mystery of who’s leaving gifts on her doorstep. 
When the time comes, will Silke be willing to give up everything she’s ever known for a love that’s deeper than she’s ever thought possible?  Or will she reject the gift the wolf’s moon has given her?

Teaser Excerpt:
Raoul growls low in his throat and yanks Silke’s body back up against his own as one of his hands forces her head to tilt back.  His lips close over hers, and there’s no hesitation this time, no gentle coaxing or playful teasing.  He dominates her mouth, tongue sweeping in and going deep as he licks at the back of her teeth like he’s chasing her flavor.  Silke gives back as good as she can as she digs her nails into his naked shoulders and returns his passion to the best of her abilities.
Silke almost doesn’t feel it when he begins to move them, but she doesn’t stop him when he begins to pull at her skirt, rucking it up until he can wrap large, hot hands around her thighs.  She moans and clutches at his shoulder harder as he lifts her without any effort and presses her back up against a nearby tree as he steps into the space between her thighs.  Silke gasps, breaking the kiss and bucking her hips up into the cage of his hands as best she can.  She can feel him, can feel his heat as he presses the hard line of his cock against her.
“Raoul!”  Silke cries out and Raoul answers her by dipping his head down to mouth at her neck as he presses his hips down against her.  He racks the vulnerable, pale line of her throat with surprisingly sharp teeth before he soothes the sting with his tongue.
“Silke.”  She hears him murmur against the skin of her throat, but she pays him no mind, too caught up in the pleasure of having him against her.  Then one of his hands shifts and he trails it slowly up the soft flesh of her thigh, fingertips tracing lightly over her skin.  For the first time, despite how much she wants him, she feels uneasy, hesitant.
Raoul makes a soft noise and brings his face back up so he can capture her mouth again in a surprisingly gentle kiss.  When he pulls back his hand has stilled high on her thigh, the ends of his fingers just brushing her curls.
“I won’t take you, Silke, not here, not like this.  Just let me.  Please.”  Raoul sounds almost as if he’s pleading, as if he’s begging her to give him something precious.  Silke doesn’t want to deny him, doesn’t want to deny herself, so she looks him in the eyes and nods.

Buy Links: