Sunday, 31 March 2013

Spring forward Blog Hop

Hello blog hoppers
My name is Tamsin Baker. I am a new author of erotic romance and erotica.

Spring for me, in the land down under, is the Spring Racing Carnival. Unfortunately it is an expensive day, even if you don’t go the full hog. My hearts desire for this spring would be to go to Melbourne Cup Day and go all out. New dress, shoes, makeup done professionally and of course a ticket, food and alcohol on the day.
A true luxury.

I have my first two stories coming out in May this year.
One is an M/F erotic romance that is being published as part of the Edible Delights Anthology, published by Secret Cravings Publishing.
The second, and my favourite, is an M/M contemporary erotic romance being published by Evernight Publishing.
Please leave a comment below and I will put you in the drawer to win a copy of either one. Please put down which you prefer and I will give away one of each to the most original comments.

P.S. - love sharing excerpt and asking readers opinion so please follow along with my blog.
Good luck and happy hopping

Sunday, 24 March 2013

MMMF excerpt

This story is coming together really easily and well
Loving it- thinking of calling it Grieving Hearts
which will follow, Eternal Hearts and Bonded Hearts- we shall see :)

Hugh’s hand cracked across her cheek with a force that split her lips.
She tasted blood and smiled. Her vampire’s would kill him for this.
Seeing her smile, Hugh growled and hit her again. This time so hard that she was thrown to the floor.
Despite her anger, Maryanne didn’t attempt to get up. She kept her head down and sobbed so that he would think he had really hurt her.
Hugh left and locked the door behind him.
Maryanne pulled herself to her feet and cupped her jaw. That was going to swell.
The sun was going down. A few more hours was all she had to wait. They would come. She just had to survive until then.

Saturday, 23 March 2013


My new vamp story is sooo much fun
It is pretty much writing itself.
Just wrote my first menage sex scene for MMMF
Want a little excerpt?

Piers groaned and flipped Maryanne over so that she was on her hands and knees.
“Piers?” Her worried voice made Lucas frown.
Piers knelt behind her and stroked his hands down her back and gripped her hips.
“You’ll love it, trust me.”
And he impaled her.
She screamed out and reached up to grab his hand.
“Oh my god.” Piers threw his head back and began fucking her with long, fast strokes. Always the talker of their group he lavished praise on Maryanne as they hadn’t.
“Maryanne you feel like Heaven itself. I could die right now and be happy because we have found you at last.”
Maryanne dropped her chest down to the mattress and clawed at the bed with her other hand.
“You are perfect, beautiful, everything we have ever hoped for. More that we dreamed was possible.”
“Piers… I’m going to…”
Maryanne began to pant and scream.
“Cum for me Maryanne. Let me feel that pussy clench around my cock.”
The erotic words had Thomas tilting his pelvis for Lucas and Lucas had to stop himself from bending his mate over the bed also.
Maryanne stretched both of her hand out in front of her in a gesture they had seen too often on Piers, looking for them.
They moved to the bed.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

new challenge

Guess what i started last night?
the third of my vampire menage series.
And it will be FMMM
But all the men are bisexual so i have a feeling these sex scenes are not only going to
be a full on orgy but very hard to write
we shall see....

“Does that mean its not my fault? That we can still make this right?”
Lucas stepped close and pressed his lips to Piers.
“It was never your fault my love. There are ledgends of four but I have never met one.”
He looked over at the older vampires.
Eric spoke. “I’ve met one, once, a very long time ago. It was three females and one male. But there is no reason your three doesn’t need another male, or perhaps a female.”
“A female.”
All three of them said at once.
They shared a smile and looked back to explain.
“We still have a female join us occasion and all three of us dream of a female. If we need a third then it is her.”

Monday, 18 March 2013

new cover!!!

We received the final copy of our cover for the Edible Delights Anthology and I have to say it is pretty cool!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

new contract!

I just received my contract for 'First glance, First Bite.'
A 20K short story that is going to be apart of the third Edible Delights books.
It is a historical, vampire, menage, Domme story. m/m/f
It was challenging but so much fun to write
it was originally supposed to be just a m/f story
then a friend recommended bringing in another male vampire just for fun.
I took up the challenge and brought in the big and beautiful Antony,
Well, Antony stuck around and fell in love with the hero Benedict also, which put
a real spanner in the works and i had to re write the first half, but hey
i LOVE it now...

Saturday, 16 March 2013

work in progress

Have I told you guys that I have started a new vamp story?
And it's m/m/m
Loving it! and want to share.
I can tell you that the sex scenes are not easy to write, but hey...
practise makes perfect

“We told you, we are vampire’s, not witches.”
Eric pressed his thick cock in between Edward buttocks and began a steady thrusting motion while Malcolm rubbed his hard cock against Edward’s.
Pleasure radiated through out his whole body. He could not contain the moan that escaped his lips.
Edward closed his eyes, trying to escape the maelstrom of sensation he was being pulled into.
Never before had his cock felt like it was going to burst from so little contact, his balls throbbed.
Eric began to kiss his neck and whisper to him.
“Come home with us. We can show you so much. Give you more pleasure than you ever dreamed possible.”
Edward shuddered, he shouldn’t. Maybe, no! He couldn’t.
Eric began moving faster behind him and Edward began to pant, his cheeks flushed red.
“I can’t.”
He gasped as Malcolm began undoing his breeches.
“I must suck your cock. Please Edward.”
Edward was completely overwhelmed. The man in front of him was waiting for permission and the one behind him was moving faster and harder, as though he could breech the fabric if he moved fast enough.
Edward nodded and raised his hand to Malcolm’s head to push him down.
Fuck the consequences.
“I want in your arse Edward but I know you’re not ready…” Eric began whispering again as Malcolm’s hot, wet mouth enclosed Edward’s cock.
He cried out, his fingers digging into Malcolm’s skull. To hold him there? To drag him away? Edward couldn’t work out which one he wanted more.
He looked down and saw the beautiful man’s lips wrapped around his cock and felt his balls tighten. He wanted this, he really wanted this.
“He is loving that, can you hear his moans of pleasure?” Eric asked him.
Edward’s mind was too pleasure soaked to take in much, but he listened and heard him. The erotic sound pushed him higher.
“Fuck… Malcolm….”
The man on his knees stopped and looked up, his fangs glistening in the dim light.
Fuck- what? Fangs.
“Oh my God...”
Eric laughed in his ear again.
“We told you we were vampires. One day soon we will feed on you and fuck you. We will blow your mind with how much we can make you feel. Now, cum in Malcolm’s mouth.”
Edward looked down, shocked.
Malcolm nodded.
“I need your seed. Cum in me.”
Malcolm set his mouth back on Edward’s cock and began moving with purpose.
Edward opened his mouth, gasping for much needed air. His orgasm was roaring down on him.
His right hand was gripping Malcolm’s head and his left was clasped tightly by Eric. The three way connection caused fissions of awareness and pleasure throughout his entire body. One more suck of Malcolm’s mouth and the simultaneous squeeze of Eric’s hand and he came, hard.
His seed came shooting out of his cock which was soon swallowed down Malcolm’s throat. Heat pierced his neck and he blacked out….

Thursday, 14 March 2013

new wip

I recently submitted a vampire menage to Total E Bound
Now i have been inspired to do a sequel that is m/m/m- my first attempt at it.
Would you like a little squizz?
It's not east to write three he's- but i'm going to give it a go!

Edward just stared at the two men who trying to convince him they were vampires. One too many glasses of port it seemed.
“Gentlemen, it had been a pleasure meeting you but I need to go. If you need a ride home, let me know and I will arrange something for you.”
The one called Eric was behind him, pressing his cock into Edward’s buttocks. He gasped and attempted to step away.
Eric’s strong arm came around his chest and he gasped as Malcolm stepped in close.
“You may not wish to admit how much you want us, but we can smell you.”
Edward turned his head around and went still. He would never admit to the unnatural feelings. Despite the fact no woman had ever satisfied him.
He could not be a sodomite. He just couldn’t.
“Then you have bewitched me.”
They laughed and pressed in harder.
“We told you, we are vampire’s, not witches.”
Eric pressed his thich cock in between Edward buttocks and began a steady thrusting motion while Malcolm rubbed his hard cock against Edward’s.
Pleasure radiated through out his whole body. He could not contain the moan that escaped his lips.
Edward closed his eyes, trying to escape the maelstrom of sensation he was being pulled into.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Evernight publishing

Just received my second contract for Evernight publishing and have to say
They have the coolest contracts, where u sign digitally each page and then the end
Very cool
They also emailed me today with welcome info, coming soon cover art
And a 10pg marketing help guide
I am sincerely impressed with every part of them so far!
Can't wait to see which editor and cover I get!

Monday, 11 March 2013


I have officially submitted 'Stranded Domme' to the new Australian e-book publisher
Steam e Reads, so wish me luck!
Another quick excerpt perhaps?

6 months later.
“He’s doing so well Natalie.”
Natalie looked over at the jealous look on Jay’s face and she gave him a gloating smile.
“I know, thank you Jay.”
Natalie sat down in a nearby chair and crossed her leather glad legs.
Mick was bound to the spanking bench and experiencing his first session with another Mistress. Natalie heard him cry out and her own belly clenched with arousal.
It had taken them six months to get to this point of trust and love. She could finally trust him enough to cum with him on a daily basis and she had offered him a permanent collar. He’d offered her an engagement ring. Both had been accepted rather willingly.

New contracts

I'm very happy to announce that I accepted two new contracts today.
Evernight publishing has picked up Timing is Everything- a contemporary erotic romance
With a BDSM theme but no participation- lots of fun to write
And Perfect Timing was picked up for the new Erotica line within Clan Destine Press-
An Aussie publishing house.
Very excited!!!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

latest wip excerpt

I have just finished a Domme erotic romance set in Melbourne and country Victoria

“Of course, let me grab your bags.”
Natalie let him pick up all three bags and they walked inside. He turned to the right and indicated two bedrooms off the hallway.
“You can have either of these if you like.”
She looked into both neat and tidy rooms. She picked the one with the solid looking chair in it and pointed.
“That one, please.”
Mick smiled and walked into the room in front of her. He placed her suitcase and laptop on the floor and the play bag on the bed. It clinked and rustled as he set it down.
Laughing, he asked. “What on Earth is in that?”
Natalie smiled, stepped forward and unzipped the bag slowly. He had given her the perfect opening and she wasn’t going to waste it. It was time to reveal all her cards. If they were to be intimate in one way or another, he needed to know what she wanted.
“This is my play bag, I go nowhere without it.”
She met his shocked expression with a smile.
“I’m a professional Domme. Do you know what that is?”
Natalie pulled open the sides of the roller bag and revealed an assortment of toys. Handcuffs, nipple clamps, scarves, dildos, floggers and a few choice favourite pieces.
“These hand cuffs are obviously to restrain my play partner, the nipple clamps are a great tool for heightening pleasure, as is the dildo. My floggers add a little pain and spice to the experience too.”
Mick gasped but stepped closer. His fingers moved to the nipple clamps in a very telling way.
Natalie smiled. He was going to do so well.
“Would you like to play after dinner Mick?”
His head shot up and he stepped back abruptly.
“I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like that.”
She smiled and watched the emotions flitting across his face. Panic, desire, sexual hunger and many others she couldn’t decipher.