Wednesday, 20 February 2013

latest wip excerpt

An excerpt from my latest work in progress
A historical vamp menage I'm writing for a Total E Bound submission call

A whore’s blood was not his first choice. They were malnourished and often abused, but this one was simply delicious. Her blood thick and sweet, well worth the money he had paid for her.
Nathaniel sucked once more before extracting his fangs from her neck. The whore’s heart had begun to slow. He didn’t want to kill her; she would be a great source of blood in the future.
The girl staggered away, turning around to stare at him with rather horrified eyes.
“You’ll be fine. You won’t die and you won’t become like me. Thank you.” Nathaniel bowed and smiled charmingly at her.
A ghost of a smile lifted her lips as she turned and ran for the brothel from whence he had obtained her.
“I hope you didn’t fuck her too, she smelt like ten other men.”
Nathaniel shivered despite the crude words. His long time lover’s words whispering over his skin like a caress.
He turned and smiled towards the voice he knew so well. Normal human eyes wouldn’t be able to see the tall blonde vampire within the shadows.
“Michael. Hungry, my love?”
Nathaniel moved closer, the recently ingested blood increasing his already ravenous lust.
Michael smelt divine to Nathaniel and tasted even better. Nathaniel didn’t stop moving forward until he had pressed his whole body up against the other vampire, his mate. Nathaniel moaned as his blood sung in recognition.
Nathaniel dropped his head and sucked Michael’s beautiful bottom lip into his mouth.